Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The adventure begins!

So... I'm in Philadelphia with the 64 other Peace Corps Trainees headed to Mozambique. We are a large group! We leave tomorrow at 2:30 AM for a 15 hour flight to Johannesburg, South Africa and then a 1 hour connection to Maputo, Mozambique. The first three days we'll be staying in a 4 star hotel in the capital city. After that, we go to a small village about 2 hours outside of the capital where we will live with host families for ten weeks of intensive training. Training ends Dec 11th with the official swearing in ceremony, at which point I will be sent to my assignment location somewhere in the vast country of Mozambique!

That's the plan. Here's my mailing address at the Peace Corps headquarters. I'll have a different mailing address after Dec 11.

Clancy Brown, PCT
Corpo da Paz
Av. do Zimbabwe No 345
Maputo, Mozambique

Letters and packages would be much appreciated! E-mails would be nice too (clancyabrown@gmail.com).

Tips on helping packages arrive untampered with:
*Write "Jesus Saves" on the package. Christian iconography (crosses, etc...) helps too.
* Undervalue the contents by a lot (otherwise I'll have to pay a lot to receive it, plus you don't want it to seem valuable)
* Lie about the contents. Call them "education materials," "school supplies," "religious books and tapes," etc...

Thanks for the many well wishes I have already received. It means a lot to know that there are so many people back home who love and support me.

And now, the adventure begins!

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  1. Hello Clancy!
    We love reading your blogs. It is hard to believe that you are picking up a 5th language. I love hearing that the local Children call you Clancyia. I will send some seeds for you in my next package. Love you and miss you MOM