Sunday, December 6, 2009

More photos!

Here are some photos from my training village. We're in the mountains here, it's quite beautiful. I leave on Tuesday for my permanent site, finally!

My homestay house
Some neighbor kids playing with water

"Corta-se cabelo, vende-se carvão, vende-se credito" ("Haircuts, coal for sale, cell phone credit for sale")
Papaya trees
Mamás coming home from church in their white hats

Lobolo (traditional wedding) procession

Central market

Central market

"Ishh yôwê!" - a favorite Mozambican expression and the slogan for a mobile service provider

Ladder on a tree


Cross - relic of catholic Portuguese colonists

Civil war propaganda


Mango grove

Border with Swaziland


Getting stopped by border control

Border with Swazi from above

Freshly tilled land


  1. Awesome pics Clancy, but you need to post more with YOU in them!

    Then I can totally send them to "This Week In Photos"

    HWS would totally eat that up... ;)

  2. So glad you posted more pictures of your surroundings. It looks beautiful! I know you've moved on from this location, so we'll just look forward to more pictures of your new village and home. Hoping you get a package soon from us. xo